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Whole Foods Market on Grand River is Now Open

The door of the new Whole Foods Market located on 2750 E. Grand River Ave. is up and running as of 9...[More]

Detroit Frankie's is the First Mobile Food Vendor in Meridian Township Under New Ordinance

Peter Menser, Associate Planner for Meridian Township said that Meridian Township adopted a mobile f...[More]

Whole Foods Hosted "Party for the Planet Event"

The new Whole Foods in Meridian Township is expected to open on April 13, but this past weekend resi...[More]

Whole Foods Opening in April

The first Whole Foods Market was originated in 1980 in Austin, TX. Selling only natural and org...[More]

Whole Foods in Final Construction Stages

After two years of construction, the Whole Foods on Grand River Avenue is in its final stages. Re...[More]

Time Change For Mobile Food Trucks

At the Township Board meeting held on Tuesday, December 1st, the continuation of the mobile food uni...[More]

Food Allergies Affect the School Lunchroom

The lunchroom, a place where kids come to eat and relax before continuing with their day. However, s...[More]

Meridian Township Supports Local Families with Holiday Food Baskets

It's that time of year again, and some residents can expect to receive their holiday food basket del...[More]

Greater Lansing Food Bank Donations Down Nearly 30 Percent

While a business can take a holiday, hunger does not. That's why for more than 30 years, the Gre...[More]

Whole Foods Construction Continues

Many people have been wondering about the Whole Foods construction site. Today, there was more act...[More]

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