With Freezing Rain and Snow on the Way, Here's How You Can Stay Safe

With Freezing Rain and Snow on the Way, Here's How You Can Stay Safe

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - If you thought spring was coming early because the groundhog didn't see his shadow, bundle up because winter isn't over yet.

According to the National Weather Service, snow showers, freezing rain and sleet are expected before 2 a.m. tonight with a low of 31 degrees and wind gusts up to 18 miles per hour. Freezing rain is expected before 12 p.m. tomorrow which means roads will be slick and driving could be dangerous.

The Michigan State Police wants to remind residents to be cautious and safe during the winter weather advisory.

They advise residents to stay at least 25 feet away from downed power lines. If you experience a power outage, refrain from calling the police and contact your utility company instead. Avoid using candles if possible; if you must use candles, keep a close eye on them and make sure they are distant from flammable items. To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning which could lead to injury or death, only run a generator outdoors where it is far from any area where exhaust and toxic chemicals can vent into your home. Have an emergency kit filled with necessities like food, water, a flashlight, extra blankets etc. and ensure that it is enough to last each person for three days. Check on elderly and disabled family and friends who may be at risk and dress in warm clothing to avoid get frostbite and hypothermia.

Drivers are advised to be cautious and aware while out on the roads. Check your tire pressure regularly and make sure it is at the recommended pressure. Make sure your windshield wiper blades are up to standard and that your windshield wiper fluid is full. Clear the snow and ice from your car to ensure that it is visible to other cars and make sure all of your lights are working. Keep an emergency kit in your car and if you find yourself stranded, do not abandon your vehicle, wait for help. Be aware of stopped emergency vehicles and switch lanes if possible.

While the temperature will be a high of 47 degrees on Thursday, more snow showers and rain is expected later this week.

Additional Resources

For more information, visit www.michigan.gov/miready or follow MSP/EMHSD on Twitter at @MichEMHS.


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