Upcoming Public Hearing for Daniels Drain Project

Upcoming Public Hearing for Daniels Drain Project

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Township Board was provided an update to the Daniels Drain project at their March 15 meeting.

Daniels Drain is a Chapter 20 drain located on Grand River Avenue between Central Park Drive, Dobie, Road, and Cornell Road.

Since the drain is a Chapter 20 Drain under the Michigan Drain Code of 1956, it is maintained by the Ingham County Drain Commissioner, but it is funded by assessments on 3 public entities: Meridian Township, the Ingham County Road Department and Michigan Department of Transportation. Currently, estimated remaining costs to be covered by the Township sit at $5,536,644.

The Township Board said they would pay 50% of the 5.5 million, which is one of the highest percentage of payment for a drain project. Usually the Township Board pays around 15% - 33% on a drain project.

The remaining cost of 2.8 million will be divided based on benefits derived from the drain.

Back last fall, there was a public hearing about the Daniels Drain project. Since that time, the Board has met with 40 property owners in the Daniels Drain area.

Based on the input of the citizens, the assessment role was modified as a result. A second public hearing will be held after which the assessment role will be finalized and the results will go on the summer tax roles.

The second public hearing is scheduled for April 12th.

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