Meridian Township Board Appoints Supervisor and Discusses Trustee Vacancies

Meridian Township Board Appoints Supervisor and Discusses Trustee Vacancies

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MI - At the Feb. 22 Meridian Township Board special meeting a new Township Supervisor was appointed and the Trustee search was discussed.

After the loss of longtime Supervisor Ron Styka, the board had only 45 days to replace his seat under state law. Although there was a proposed Supervisor search process, the board felt confident in their decision to appoint Trustee Patricia Herring Jackson. Jackson has contributed two decades of her life to public service, and has served on both the Planning Commission and Township Board.

“Almost all of them [Supervisors] come from the ranks of Trustees, and I think therefore for us to appoint one of our own, particularly one as able and with such history, would be the right move,” Meridian Township Treasurer Phil Deschaine said.

Due to Jackson’s new position as supervisor, there are two vacant Trustee positions, initially Dan Opsommers seat was the only vacancy.

After a suggestion by Township Manager Frank Walsh, the board unanimously agreed to select two candidates from the initial application to allow for an smoother process.

“It makes it easier,” Meridian Township Clerk Deborah Guthrie said. “The process is easier, it’s less confusing to the public, the public understands it better and it’s easier to communicate.”

Any individuals interested in a Trustee position must submit their completed application, resume, cover letter and three references to Human Resources Director Abigail Tithof. Full applications can be found on the Meridian Township website below. The deadline to apply for these positions is Mar. 4 at 4pm.

The Search Committee will hold a special meeting on Mar. 8 at 4pm to review and select finalists. Final interviews and decisions will be made at a Mar. 15 meeting, and the candidates selected will be sworn in the next day.

The appointed candidate for these positions will serve until Nov. 20 of this year. Appointees and anyone else interested in being elected to these positions must run in the 2022 August Primary and 2022 General Election. The remainder of the term will run until Nov. of 2022.

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