Election Inspector Training

Election Inspector Training

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With just a few days away from the Primary Election, the Meridian Township Clerk's Office held an Election Day training for residents who have volunteered to be Election Inspectors on Election Day.

"We have to remind everybody about the specific technical rules such as no campaigning within a 100 feet of the campaigning of the poll location or what forms you have to sign or what happens if you don't have a photo ID with you. How do you get to vote?" said Brett Dreyfus, Township Clerk.

On July 31st, individuals who showed interest in helping their community gathered inside the Town Hall Room to be trained on certain rules for Election Day. They were able to ask questions and receive clarification and to make sure they could help send a message on how important it is to vote come Election Day.

"This training was really just to prep us for the actually elections and to get us on a 'I got this' kind of basis. So when we're there we don't stumble, we don't mess up because the last thing you want to do, on the election day, mess up because then you're going to be in a panic and people might actually have to wait for you to get ready," said volunteer, Matthew Morford

The paid volunteers were given a instruction packet to look back on before Election Day approaches, August 7th, 2018.

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