Park Commission Discusses Bids for Park Improvements

Park Commission Discusses Bids for Park Improvements

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the Park Commission meeting on May 8th, the Commission discussed bids from contractors to repair or build various parts of upcoming projects in Meridian Township parks.

Three bids were brought before the Commission to vote on, the first regarding a connection trail between the Central Parks, the second addressed redoing the Central Park Gateway Bridge and the building of restrooms in Central Park and the final bid was for fencing for off-leash dog areas.

Seven companies responded with bids for the projects, Wolverine Engineering, C2AE, VIRIDIS Design Group, GEI Consultants, Landscape Architects and Planners, Roe and Abonmarshe. Each company was allowed to bid for each project separately and then for the projects together.

Wolverine Engineering's bid for the projects together was $65,464, C2AE was $69,788 for both projects and VIRIDIS was the third lowest at $71,606.

The Commission voted 4-0 to approve the recommendation of moving forward with Wolverine Engineering out of Mason for both projects.

The bids for fencing for the off-leash dog areas were not discussed at this meeting after being removed from the agenda.

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