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Park Commission Discusses Bids for Park Improvements

At the Park Commission meeting on May 8th, the Commission discussed bids from contractors to repair ...[More]

MARC Property Receives Bids

Bids have been received for a well-known piece of property in Meridian Township. The MARC propert...[More]

Township Board Unanimously Approves Bids for New Fire Station

After many roadblocks along the way, the construction of a new fire station in Meridian Township is ...[More]

Bids for New Fire Station Heading to Township Board

Not only is spring right around the corner, so is the estimated ground breaking of the new Central F...[More]

Bids in, Bids Denied: New Fire Station is Expected to be Redesigned

At the July 15 Township Board meeting, the Board rejected the bids for the new fire station. The ...[More]

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