The Future of Local Roads

The Future of Local Roads

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Roads in the state have been underfunded for over 10 years, Bill Conklin, managing director of the Ingham County Road Department said.

Starting last year, he said the state increased fuel tax and vehicle registration to help improve the situation.

Yesterday, Michigan Governor, Rick Synder, signed a $175 million legislation to state road funding.

All counties, cities, and villages in Michigan will be receiving funds based on population.

Sixty-one percent of state road funding goes to local roads which are managed by counties, cities and villages.

Thirty-nine percent goes to state highways and interstate freeways.

As for Meridian Township, Conklin addressed the Township Board at their meeting last night about the road goals for the year.

"We've had our worst pothole season probably in 30 years," he said of which started in late February.

He said that the county expects at least $1.3 million in surface transportation funds.

Some of the included renovation roads are the intersection of Jolly Road and Okemos Road as well as Haslett Road between Van Atta Road and Marsh Road.

On the map, except for the ones highlighted in blue, Conklin said they have worked on pretty much all of the roads in the Township.

Haslett Road alone hasn't been worked on in at least 20 years, he said.

$130,000 is what he said it costs to fix a mile of road in Meridian Township.

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