2022 Township Local Road Program

2022 Township Local Road Program

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Deputy Manager Derek Perry gave a presentation on the program for the local roads in 2022. He initially went over their accomplishments in 2021 including, progress in the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) scale of roads around Meridian Township. In 2022, the goal is to increase the PASER rating of the roads to 5.2 which is considered a fair condition and would lead to less intensive road repair work.

In 2021, there was 8.87 miles of resurfacing and 9.11 miles of preservation which is 17.98 miles total of road work done. They weren't able to get to some parts of the Whitehills Neighborhood in 2021 though they plan on doing that in 2022 in the spring.

For 2022, they plan on rehabbing and resurfacing 6.84 miles. They are currently looking at what streets they are focusing on and have a list of some of the streets they plan on working on in the presentation video linked below.

They are also planing on doing cape seal to 3.74 miles of streets to help improve streets that are in ok condition to improve the overall quality of streets in Meridian Township.


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