The Local Cub Scouts Hosts its Annual Pinewood Derby at the Meridian Mall

The Local Cub Scouts Hosts its Annual Pinewood Derby at the Meridian Mall

OKEMOS - The Local Cub Scouts recently hosted its first district-level annual Pinewood Derby in over 12 years at the Meridian Mall.

This event Featured cub scout members from around the Lansing area coming together for a friendly Pinewood Derby competition, competing for various prizes and trophies. The race is carried out on a six-lane computerized gravity feed track system that records individual car speeds at the finish line.

Charles Liebrand, who is the Okemos Chief District Programming Director for the boy scouts of America said, “the kids get a block of wood to begin with and out of that they have to design and build a car, and it has to hit a specific weight limit, and it cannot exceed 7 inches in diameter, so the kids get heavily invested into doing this.”

Boy Scouts of America serve to create different leadership programs for all types of scouts. This event was exclusive to the cub scout level that ranges from kindergarten to 5th grade, while the youth who are in middle school to high school is looking to be a part of the upcoming summer camp programming.

People who would like to get involved with scouting or volunteering are encouraged to go to the Michigan crossroads council website and contact one of the council leaders or visit to find local units and contact information that are close by based on the area zip code.


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