Meridian Township Board Waives Fees for Flood Repair Related Permits

Meridian Township Board Waives Fees for Flood Repair Related Permits

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On March 6th, the Meridian Township Board unanimously passed a motion that will authorize the Township's Building Division to waive the permit fees related to flood
damaged homes.

Homes that have been damaged by the recent flood will need to be verified by the Township to avoid the fees for the required building permit and for the actual inspection.

The motion specified, "fees for building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing permits for those houses that have substantiated flood damage during the most recent flooding event will be waived."

The City of East Lansing handles electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits and inspections for some Meridian Township residents, and they have agreed to waive associated fees as well.

The Township Board felt that the motion was a gesture of solidarity with those who were most effected by the flood.

"This Board has shown the intent to benefit our citizens as much as possible in various crises situations. We're doing what we can, in this circumstance about the only authority we have to do anything is waiving these fees. It's something and it's meaningful to those who need help," said Ronald J. Styka, Meridian Township Supervisor.

The homeowners who have flood damage should apply for the permits they need as normal, and verification and fee waiving will happen after the inspection process.
Permits are not required, even under normal circumstances, for the replacement of carpet, flooring, drywall, paneling and cabinets.

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