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Residents Speak Out Over Rezoning for Giguere Homes

At the Township Board meeting on Tuesday, March 20, many residents came to speak out about the poten...[More]

Customers Could Chose to Opt Out of Smart Meters on Homes

Consumers Energy is updating its electric meter technology across service territory for its 1.8 mill...[More]

Those in Older Homes May Find Themselves at Risk for Lead Exposure

The Michigan Department of Human Health and Services urges people to be aware of lead exposure, es...[More]

Construction Almost Complete on New Townhomes

Construction is almost complete for the Hamilton Place Townhomes, a new development near the Hamilto...[More]

New Town Homes Expected to be Complete By August

Meridian Township will see new town homes in the community by the end of this summer. What was or...[More]

New Homes Development Near Meridian Road

Powell Road lies east of Okemos and runs north off of Meridian Road. It already has one subdivision...[More]

Two Group Day Care Homes Submitted Requests to Meridian Township Planning Commission

A request to establish a group day care home for up to 12 children at 4628 Manitou Drive was brought...[More]

Rezoning of Mayberry Homes

The Rezoning #15040 of Mayberry Homes had been up for discussion at the Dec. 8, 2015 regular Townshi...[More]

Request to Rezone Mayberry Homes

More homes may be coming to Meridian Township, if a request is approved.  President of Mayberry H...[More]

FEMA Requires Insurance for Homes on Floodplains

You may not know it, but if you live by the Red Cedar River or Lake Lansing, your house may be sitti...[More]

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