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Local Flooding History

Flooding is a common thing to this area. April, 1947 At the time, it was the worst flood in Mi...[More]

Major Flooding Affects Meridian Township

Over the weekend, roads and parks in Meridian Township were shut down due to flooding to help ensure...[More]

Businesses Still Open Despite Flooding

The standing water at the intersection of Okemos Road and Grand River Avenue is too deep to drive th...[More]

Flooding in Meridian Township Causes Road Closures and Home Evacuations

Most of Greater Lansing is underwater and at least 450 homes are being evacuated because of it. M...[More]

Red Cedar Rise Leads to Annual Flooding

April showers bring may flowers but what did this long-told rhyme not warn you about? Flooding. ...[More]

Recent Snow and Rain Cause Flooding in Meridian Township

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, but sometimes those excessive showers can lead ...[More]

Hazard Plan To Prevent House Floodings

During the previous Township Board meeting, the Hazard Mitigation plan was up for discussion. Me...[More]

Smith Drain Project Hopes to Stop Flooding and Sinkholes

A drain running through several cities, including Meridian Township, could cause future flooding and...[More]

Roads Closed Due to Flooding

Most people are ready for warm weather, but with that warm weather comes some problems to local road...[More]

Now Is The Time To Prepare for Flooding

As Michigan warms up after this winter's record-breaking snow and cold, it is time to prepare for fl...[More]

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