Red Cedar Rise Leads to Annual Flooding

Red Cedar Rise Leads to Annual Flooding

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - April showers bring may flowers but what did this long-told rhyme not warn you about?


Meridian Township has been known to flood annually causing roads to close, underwater parks, and numerous detours.

“Flooding is a natural phenomena that happens occasionally,” said Meridian Township Chief Engineer, Younes Ishraidi. “Those areas that are prone to flooding are called the flood plain.”

According to MSU Geography Professor, Jeff Andresen, “many of the worse floods we have are of course in the spring when we have a combination of melting snow and ice, as well as increasing precipitation.

“Excessive run off is typically the cause of this. When there is too much water to infiltrate the ground, it has no where to go and stays on the surface,” said Ishraidi.

Meridian Township residents are not surprised by this years flooding.

“Seems like every year Michigan throws us a lot of curve balls with weather,” said resident Doug Fredrick.

Roads, parks, baseball fields and intersections flood every year but what about when that water enters your home?

Ishraidi says flood insurance is the key to being prepared.

“Typically homeowners insurance doesn't include flooding and if you're in a flood plain, you're more then likely required to buy flood insurance.”

While flood insurance is a homeowners best bet to protecting themselves from this annual issue, Ishraidi recommends also making a flood emergency kit. He says to include batteries, flashlights, and plastic bags to keep important documents dry.

According to FEMA there are further persuasions one can take to protect their family, pets, and homes from flooding.

Ishraidi recommends visiting, the FEMA website, or contacting the Meridian Township Engineering Department if you have any further questions but ‘first and foremost you need to make sure you have flood insurance.’

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