Local Roads Projects Update

Local Roads Projects Update

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - All Meridian Township road projects are expected to be completed by the end of the summer, or early fall. Many projects have taken longer than expected to complete, due to weather factors.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience,” said Derek Perry, Deputy Township Manager and Director of Public Works.

“If you get an hour of rain you lose a whole day of work...we had a lot of rain.”

The remaining roads that require milling will be milled this week, and base paving (the first layer of asphalt) will be added to roads that have been milled already.

“It’s just a long process,” said Perry.

“We start with coordinating with other utilities, so Consumers Energy comes in before we even start and do their underground gas work. Then, if there’s curb and gutter work we try to get those folks in there ahead of the asphalt work.”

Restoration on the earlier “crush and shake” street projects will begin this week, which includes restoring laws and finishing up driveway impacts for residents.

“All we ask is for some grace from our residents, and come this fall when everyone has brand new roads, it will all be worth it,” said Perry.

“I appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through these projects.”

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