1.85 Acre Property Desired For Park And Trail Improvements

1.85 Acre Property Desired For Park And Trail Improvements

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Parks and Land Management Coordinator, Jane Greenway, is asking for letters of support in order to receive a grant of $127,500 for a park acquisition in Meridian Township.

A 1.85-acre parcel at 5280 Okemos Road is desired in order to create an important hub along the Central Meridian Regional Trail and the MSU-Lake Lansing Regional Trail. It is also desired as a potential new entrance to Nancy Moore Park. Many Park-goers have contacted the Township having trouble finding the park. This purchase will be used to create more direct access to Nancy Moore Park.

The Park is home to many different amenities. It contains paved walking trails, baseball diamonds, athletic fields, a pavilion with restrooms, and a small dog park. It also contains over 200 acres of woods, creeks, and wetlands.

The desired property has 235 feet of road frontage. The parcel itself is relatively flat with open grassy areas. It has a wooded cover along the rear of the plot. There is a residence on the property that is surrounded by a mixed landscape. However, it is over 100 years old and is in poor condition.

If the Township gets the grant, they will match $42,500 in order to obtain the parcel. They plan to demolish all existing structures on the property. In its place, they will build a parking lot that will serve as a parking point for the trail. It will be the prime location for visitors enjoying the Inter Urban trail, the Central Park/Nancy Moore Park trails, and the future MSU-Lake Lansing trail.
in an interview, The Senior Parks and Land Management Coordinator, Jane Greenway, told a story that showed just how important these trails are.

“One day a lady came into our office asking for a trail map,” she said. “She needed it because her son was mentally disabled and he has a job. But he can’t drive so he walks. It was just kinda cool that like, that’s how he gets to work. And that’s good. I mean, imagine not having a sidewalk or not having a trail, and having to walk on the edge of some Grand River or some busy road. So, it’s not just for recreation it’s for transportation.”

The decision over whether the township will obtain the grant will be made in December. If they get the grant, the project may take about a year or two to complete.

Additional Resources

Anyone who wishes to can help can send a letter of approval to 2100 Gaylord C. Smith Court Haslett, MI 48840 or they can email their letter at greenway@meridian.mi.us


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