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Trailside Ecology Tuesdays

On Tuesday, July 6, Land Stewardship Coordinator, Emma Campbell, held the first Trailside Ecology Tu...[More]

Countywide System of Trails and Parks Millage Interview

HOMTV’s Brandie Yates speaks with Melissa Buzzard who is the Trails and Parks Millage Program Coordi...[More]

Ingham County Parks Trails and Parks Millage Grants Awarded, Work to Begin Soon

When the warm weather starts to roll around, residents like to take advantage of the many parks and ...[More]

Residents Preserve Meridian Trails

Meridian Township is full of trails which the residents believe should be preserved. Stretching over...[More]

Meridian Township Awarded $575,000 for Bridge Repairs on Local Trails

Ingham County awarded Meridian Township $575,000 to repair and replace pathways and bridges. ...[More]

Ingham County Parks Continues Public Meetings for County Regional Trails and Parks Plan

The Ingham County Parks will hold six public meetings to receive input from the community on the Co...[More]

Ingham County Park Consultant Hired for Trails Redevelopment

Ingham residents may remember voting for a millage in the November 2014 mid-term election to help fu...[More]

Meridian Township Trails

The Township Park System consists of over 900 acres of parkland, spread over 29 sites. With more...[More]

Ingham County Services Commission Recommends Consultant for Trails Millage

Ingham County is one step closer to determining how to use the Trails Millage that was approved in N...[More]

Keep Trails in Meridian Township Healthy This Spring!

Meridian Township has tons of trails to explore during this beautiful spring season, but there's a l...[More]

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