Passing Opportunity: Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

Passing Opportunity: Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Timing has never been better to turn your home into a green friendly living space.

Tax credits, net metering and affordable solar panels have created a trifecta of reason to install solar panels on your home.

Ending in 2020 is a federal tax credit program that would give a homeowner a 30 percent tax credit which would apply to both equipment and labour.

Net metering programs are worth taking advantage of also.

Currently offered by Consumers Energy the net metering is a 1:1 ratio that allows a homeowner to 'sell' excess energy back to the energy company.

For example a person who creates more energy than they use in the summer can then use a rebate worth their extra energy toward a bill in the winter.

Many types technology have become more accessible and cost friendly and solar panels are no exception.

The lower cost of panels has now made it feasible for many Meridian Township homeowners to install enough panels to make a serious impact on electric bills.

Meridian Township's Go Solar Program helps homeowners with some initial questions and can link a homeowner to a solar installation company.

The Meridian Energy Team has identified twelve installers offering to provide a rooftop solar electric system for $3/watt or less

Many of the companies will handle all the paperwork associated with solar panel installation.

Please make sure to consult your Homeowner's Association on any codes involving solar panels they may have.

One Meridian Township resident and member of the Meridian Energy Team recently had solar panels installed on his home by local company Absolute Environmental Solutions. Take a look at the installation process and why going solar may be right for you:

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