Meridian Township Precinct Modification

Meridian Township Precinct Modification

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Election Commission made some changes to the voting precincts in Meridian Township so that they comply with Michigan state regulations.

Prescient 17 is now split into precinct 17 and 16, back to the original precinct boundaries from 2012. This is because the original precinct 17's voting population was getting too close to the state limit of 2,999 active voters per precinct. An active voter is anyone who voted within the last two years.

Precincts 6 and 10 are going to have a slight boundary change. Meridian Township gained four county commission districts, two of which are shared by neighboring communities. This resulted in precincts 6 and 10 being in multiple county commission districts at the same time which would cause residents to have duel ballots at the voting station. Precincts 6 and 1 willbe altered to prevent a duel ballot situation.

The plan is to "redraw the boundary line for Precinct 10 moving the east boundary line along Okemos Road from Burcham Road to Grand River toward the east along Marsh Road from Tihart Road to Grand River; and move the eastern most southern boundary line in Precinct 6 south of Grand River along the Red Cedar River to redrawing it north along Grand River from Van Atta Road to Meridian Road, according to Clerk Guthrie.


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