Keeping the Home Safe While Traveling for the Holidays

Keeping the Home Safe While Traveling for the Holidays

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Snow falling early this year has given many people the itch to get somewhere warmer for the holidays.

Whether its following a favorite collegiate football team or just trying to get as close to the equator as possible this winter be careful to secure your home when you leave.

Meridian Township Police Officer Lt. Rick Grillo stopped by with some home safety holiday tips.

"The first thing, and it's kind of an old school thing, but get to know your neighbors. As long as neighbors know you and know your schedule and when you'll be gone that's always beneficial because they're usually the first ones who will notice if there's a problem."

Aside from neighbors keeping an eye on the homestead ensure that all possible ways inside are locked or prevented.

As sinister as it is cunning, breaking into a car and finding a garage door opener left in the car provides instant access to the house for the thief as well.

Lt. Grillo recommends taking the devices inside or unplugging the garage door if possible.

"Get a house sitter if you can, and know that we are there to help you if you'd like. You can contact the us either by calling the cadet desk or going online to our website and filling out a property check form."

The property check form will let the police know to stop by the place and check on the doors and windows for signs of disturbance.

If there is an issue they can contact the home owners and take the appropriate steps in securing the house.

It would also be wise to not post on social media platforms about the vacation until after you are back.

If seen by the wrong person it provides confirmation that a home is empty and the owner away for a prolonged period.

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