Protecting Yourself from Mosquitoes and Ticks This Summer

Protecting Yourself from Mosquitoes and Ticks This Summer

LANSING - It is the season where mosquitoes and ticks are active and prevalent.

Two epidemiologists from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services ( MDHHS) give the residents advice on mosquitoes and tick safety.

To prevent mosquitoes from breeding in small collection of water, residents are advised to empty out pools and food dishes for pets.

“In addition to the repellents, be careful when mosquitoes are active, dust and dawn particularly,” said Rachel Pottek, Epidemiologist, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

For tick precaution, Dr. Kim and Pottek suggested residents change their clothing and take a shower right away after being outside because ticks can stay on your body or clothing, and would possibly enter your home with you.

There are over 20 known tick species in Michigan. They are mostly found in natural areas, same as mosquitoes, such as tall grass, wooded areas, or fields near wooded areas.

Tick bites do not hurt, but it will stay attached for several days as it swells up with blood to several times its normal size.

If you want to know what kind of the tick you had, the expert suggest take a picture of it and email it to the, experts from MDHHS will let you know what kind of ticks you had.

Also, you can send the tick directly to the Department. MDHHS has the instruction on how to send a tick on their website.

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