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New Addition Coming to North Meridian Road Park

A local Eagle Scout Troop and Meridian Township will soon collaborate to start on a new project in t...[More]

Approval Of Pathway Millage Means More Money For Additions And Repairs

The approval from voters on August 2nd for Meridian Township's Pedestrian Pathway Millage means ther...[More]

2016-17 School Year Budget Might Offer Additional $60 Per Student For Public Schools

Spring break might just have started for the current 2015-16 school year, but school boards are alre...[More]

Members of Township Board Excited About Possible Additions to Park

Township Board members agreed that more connections between parts of Meridian Township will result i...[More]

Okemos Weight Room and Additions

It's been a big year for the Okemos Athletic Department and the school as whole. Spearheaded by Ira ...[More]

New Additions Coming to Wonch Park

Wonch Park has plenty of open space including a playground, grills, a gazebo but what is this park m...[More]

Transportation Funding Bills: Will you pay an additional tax?

Gas tax to pay for five proposed transportation bills....[More]

New Police Department Addition

There’s a new set of wheels in the Meridian Township Police Department fleet. ...[More]

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