New Addition Coming to North Meridian Road Park

New Addition Coming to North Meridian Road Park

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A local Eagle Scout Troop and Meridian Township will soon collaborate to start on a new project in the area.

Eagle Scout Paul Fedorowicz presented a plan to the Park Commission Board on June 13th to set up a Gaga Ball Pit in North Meridian Road Park off of Haslett and Meridian roads. Fedorowicz used to play this game at summer camps when he was younger, and wanted to bring the game to Meridian Township for residents to get their hands on. The game is played like dodgeball and made up of of eight sides. This fast-paced game encourages as many players as possible, which makes it perfect for families.

This will be an exciting, new addition to the Township and will give kids and adults a fun game to play together when they take a trip to the park. This eagle scout troop is already planning to do a bottle drive, set up a go-fund-me page, and drive to local stores like Home Depot and Lowes to collect donations. Fedorowicz has also made contact with Meridian Township about necessary materials and they concluded that they may have some equipment to provide them for the project. With all of the help and fundraising in mind, the estimated cost of $1,500 may be reduced over time. Impressed by the hard work being displayed by Troop 109, Park Commissioner Michael McDonald said that Fedorowicz and Troop 109 will most likely get approval by the board at the next Park Commission meeting on July 11th. The time table for this project is set to be completed by October.

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