New Additions to the Harris Nature Center

New Additions to the Harris Nature Center

HARRIS NATURE CENTER - There will be two new additions to the Harris Nature Center: a brick patio pavilion and a new play area in the nature exploration center.

To raise funds for the patio, the center is giving contributors the opportunity to leave their mark on the patio by purchasing a custom engraved brick.

Harris Nature Center Coordinator Kit Rich said that visitors can select from three different size options.

“Whatever you decide can go on the brick and then that brick becomes part of the patio,” said Rich.

Visitors can purchase bricks by coming into the center or going to their website.

The new addition to the Nature Exploration Center is a mound of dirt called the “Mole Hill”. In this play area, kids can race to the top and use a slide on their way down to the bottom.

The hill is expected to open by the end of June once grass has grown on the hill.

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