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Consumers Energy New Electric Vehicle Program

Consumers Energy is helping to revamp the electric vehicle movement with its new program, PowerMIFle...[More]

One Person Dead After Vehicle Crash

A 70-year-old woman has died after a vehicle crash left her injured. Linda Merwin of Mason was in...[More]

Belle Tire Assistant Manager Gives Vehicle Tips for this Pothole Season

With winter coming to a close and temperatures rising, pothole season is right around the corner. As...[More]

Haslett Teen Killed in Single Vehicle Crash

On February 27, 2021 at 1:37 am, Meridian Township Police were called to the scene of a single vehic...[More]

Meridian Township Police Investigate Motor Vehicle Crash; One Driver Deceased

On Saturday, February 22nd, at about 2:43 pm, Meridian Township Police responded to a three vehicle ...[More]

2018 Local Road Maintenance

Michigan is notorious for poor road conditions due to high traffic volumes combined with widely vari...[More]

Damaged Vehicles of Meridian Township

Traveling in Meridian Township has been a trying experience over the latter half of February. A...[More]

Lock It Up Campaign Helps Residents Protect Themselves From Vehicle Theft

We all try to stay cool in the summer. And often times, that means keeping our car windows down, veh...[More]

CarFit Helps Older Drivers Operate Vehicles Safely

A CarFit Program was held at the Meridian Senior Center on Tuesday June 14th. CarFit is a program th...[More]

Bill Introduced This Past Summer Would Prohibit Smoking in Vehicles with Minors

A Michigan lawmaker proposed to protect kids from the smoking. State Rep. Sam Singh (D) for the 69th...[More]

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