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Board Approves Final Preliminary Plan for Silverstone Estates

The Meridian Township Board approved the final preliminary plan for Silverstone Estates with a decis...[More]

Okemos Boys Tennis Team Goes to States

The Okemos boy’s tennis team is going to the state championship to play this fall. The team is ex...[More]

United Defenseman Josh Horne Coaches HOMTV Soccer

HOMTV's Andrea Urban meets with Lansing United Defenseman Josh Horne to brush up on her soccer skill...[More]

Lansing United Goes for Goal, 4-3, Over Indy 11

One minute the match was tied at nil, the next Lansing United's Danny Cawley and Josh Horne scored b...[More]

Meet Lansing United's Jimmy Hague

Aside from being within miles of each other, Michigan State Men’s Soccer and Lansing United have ano...[More]

All United Needed Was One Goal

The James DeCosmeo scored his fourth goal of the season and that was all United needed to take a vic...[More]

Returning United Defenseman--Josh Horne- -Battles Back From Injury

The Lansing United roster varies from season to season, but some players, like United defenseman Jos...[More]

Lansing United Duels to Stay in Playoff Picture

“I’m dead, all of us are dead we left it all out there, we gave everything we had,” said Lansing Uni...[More]

Okemos Track & Field Junior Captain Sophia Franklin Excels at Regionals and States

"I wanna get points, I wanna score for my team, and I wanna win," Okemos Track & Field junior captai...[More]

2016 Lansing United Hits The Field Under New Leadership

Last October, Lansing United Owner Jeremy Sampson was in the market for a new head coach, and Nate M...[More]

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