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Joe Biden Announced as the President Elect of the United States

Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the United States, the AP projects. Pennsylvania...[More]

Honoring Those Who Serve Event Takes Place in Lansing Church

It was night was a night of celebrating and honoring our first responders who put their life on the ...[More]

Planning Commission Approves Operating a Private School in a Local Church

At the June 10th Planning Commission meeting, the Commission voted to approve the Special Use Permit...[More]

Food Pantry Jazz Benefit Concert at Haslett Community Church

Jazz music soared through the Haslett Community Church sanctuary on Tuesday, April 10th. The cos...[More]

Haslett Community Church Goes Green

Last August, the Haslett Community Church paid 465 dollars for their electrical bill. However this A...[More]

Haslett Community Church Prepares to Launch 60-panel Solar Powered Roof

After two years of planning, Haslett Community Church prepares to launch its 60-panel, 20-kilowatt r...[More]

Local Church Will Save 3,000 Dollars A Year On Electric Bill

After three years of planning and collecting funds, Haslett Community Church will officially be addi...[More]

United Defenseman Josh Horne Coaches HOMTV Soccer

HOMTV's Andrea Urban meets with Lansing United Defenseman Josh Horne to brush up on her soccer skill...[More]

Lansing United Goes for Goal, 4-3, Over Indy 11

One minute the match was tied at nil, the next Lansing United's Danny Cawley and Josh Horne scored b...[More]

Meet Lansing United's Jimmy Hague

Aside from being within miles of each other, Michigan State Men’s Soccer and Lansing United have ano...[More]

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