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Lake Lansing Park Pathway Improvements Proposal

Controversy surrounds Lake Lansing Park North after a proposal was released suggesting limestone pat...[More]

Grettenberger and Meijer Drain Improvements

At the Meridian Township Board meeting, an update and voting motion on the Grettenberger Drain and M...[More]

1.85 Acre Property Desired For Park And Trail Improvements

Parks and Land Management Coordinator, Jane Greenway, is asking for letters of support in order to r...[More]

Township Board Continues to Discuss Funding for Local Street Improvements

Discussion of funding for Meridian Township's Local Street Improvement Program continued at the Apri...[More]

Township Board Discusses ELMWSA Infrastructure Improvements

The East Lansing-Meridian Water & Sewer Authority (ELMWSA) was created in 1969 by Meridian Township ...[More]

Park Commission Discusses Bids for Park Improvements

At the Park Commission meeting on May 8th, the Commission discussed bids from contractors to repair ...[More]

Meridian Township Will Continue to Not Have Any Funding Obligations for Improvements to Park Lake Road

Last week, East Lansing City Council approved the Costco development Brownfield plan at 1.5 million ...[More]

Wonch Park Improvements Celebrated at Ribbon Cutting Event

Wonch Park has renovations to celebrate. On August 23rd Meridian Township Parks and Recreation and t...[More]

Grand River Avenue Corridor Improvements are Soon to Come

The Corridor Improvement Authority Act in Michigan allows community residents to form a group to dis...[More]

Improvements At Township Parks Are Officially In The Works

Spring has officially sprung, birds are chirping and brand new improvements to Meridian Township par...[More]

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