Township Board Discusses ELMWSA Infrastructure Improvements

Township Board Discusses ELMWSA Infrastructure Improvements

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The East Lansing-Meridian Water & Sewer Authority (ELMWSA) was created in 1969 by Meridian Township and the City of East Lansing to provide the two communities safe drinking water, according to Derek Perry, Assistant Township Manager and Director of Public Works for Meridian Township.

Perry said the ELMWSA Board has identified over $17 million worth of infrastructure improvements that need to be made to the plant.

"This is not adding capacity, this is just taking care of the plant that exists," Perry said.

However, in order to make these infrastructure improvements, the existing contract must be amended, Perry said.

"Because of the way the contract's currently written, it restricts the ability to do some of these capitol projects," Perry said.

Perry said the projects would be funded through a revolving fund loan from the state of Michigan, sought out by the ELMWSA Board, that would be paid for by revenue bounds.

"Essentially, the water rates would pay for these improvements," Perry said. "It's really how we've been taking care of the plant since the early 70's, basically cash funding things, only this allow us to provide, basically to go out and borrow some money to do some of the improvements that are needed at the plant," Perry said.

The Township Board must approve the contract before this can be amended.

The Board voted unanimously passing a resolution to approve a capitol contract with ELMWSA and associated capitol projects.

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