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Redevelopment Ready Communities Recertification

At a Meridian Township Board Meeting, Director Amber Clark and Director Timothy Schmitt spoke about ...[More]

Schools Help Communities Deal with Coronavirus Crisis

K-12 schools in Michigan are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this is not stoppin...[More]

LIVE Call-In Show: Exploring Options for Marijuana in Local Communities

The recent legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Michigan has local officials explo...[More]

Board Talks Growing Medical Marijuana in Meridian Township

During the September 18th Township Board meeting, the number of licensees for each aspect needed for...[More]

LIVE Call-In Show: The Growing Opioid Crisis

Join us LIVE for a new episode of Open Line on the growing opioid crisis and prescription drug abuse...[More]

Opioid and Heroin Addiction Have Become a Growing Problem in Ingham County

Overdoses in Ingham County are at an all-time high. Local leaders held a press conference on Jan. 7 ...[More]

'Narcan' Use Increasing in Communities

When Phil Pavona discovered that his son, Eric, was addicted to heroin, Phil and his family had to g...[More]

Campus Village Communities Withdraws Application for "The Square"

“The Square,” formerly called “The Avenue,” was a mixed-use project approved by the Township Board e...[More]

Growing Communities Through The Garden Project

The Grater Lansing Food Bank was first founded around 1981. Shortly after they got started, they rea...[More]

Inappropriate Disposal of Tires Is A Growing Problem

The Ingham Conservation District held their first tire recycling event this past weekend. This wa...[More]

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