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Park Millages and Grants

The Park Commissioners held a special meeting to discuss the future of some Meridian Township Parks....[More]

Central Fire Station Millage Passes

The millage on the ballot to fund a replacement fire station has been approved by voters. Find out w...[More]

Ingham County Health Services Millage

If you are without health care, watch Meridian Magazine to see how a new county millage could help!...[More]

County Transportation Millage

The curb to curb bus service picks up people with extra care. ...[More]

County 911 Service Millage

HOMTV's first Ballot Meridian debate discusses the 911 Service Millage Renewal. Tune in to find out ...[More]

Senior Citizen, Recreation, Human Services Millage Renewal

The Community's Millage is up for renewal in Meridian Township. ...[More]

2012 Millage Election

The Township Board Members are considering some different proposals for millage elections on the Aug...[More]

Possible 2012 Millage Elections

One February 7, the Township Board discussed two potential millages, as well as a possible bond ques...[More]

Okemos Sinking Fund Millage

November 8th's election is around the corner, but have you studied up on the Sinking Fund Millage Re...[More]

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