2012 Millage Election

2012 Millage Election

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Election season is not too far away and Township Officials have been working on what will appear on the August and November ballots.

As of now, 2 different millages and a bond question are being reviewed and discussed.

The two different millage proposals for the August ballot would provide increased funding for senior center programs or would help maintain roads in the community.

Township Treasurer Julie Brixie said, "The two that we're proposing in August are already millages that exist today, so they aren't new ones."

The Community Activities Millage is a slight increase to a .15 mill and the Road Improvement Program Millage is just a renewal, keeping it at a .25 mill.

The Road Improvement Program Millage will provide more funding to fix up and maintain the current roads throughout the township.

Director of Public Works and Engineering, Ray Severy said, "The township contributes some amount of a general fund and also the county road commission contributes money, so it gives us a budget of about 600,000 dollars each year to spend on local road measure repairs, which is probably about half of what we need."

The bond question would appear on the ballot in November.

The debate over this is, does the Township need three fire stations opposed to two? If approved, this ballot would ask voters to issue the bonds.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Township Board Members are considering some different proposals for millage elections on the August & November ballots.

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