County 911 Service Millage

County 911 Service Millage

UPDATE: INGHAM COUNTY - 911, the three number cry for help.

"Well I've used it before with my mother three or four times. And I think it, well it saved her life. And it saved my wife's life," said Harlod B. Pitman, resident of Ingham County.

"We're constantly helping people everyday which is a good feeling," said Craig Payment an East Lansing dispatcher.

Right now the call center for Meridian Township is at the 54-B District Court in East Lansing. However, coming up Craig and the other dispatchers will be moving to a new location.

The new center will combine the Lansing and East Lansing call centers into one facility that will take calls for all of Ingham County.

This service if funded in majority by the millage and there is also a telephone surcharge on any device that can call 911. Every four years the millage goes up for renewal and this year it will be up again.

John Neilsen, Deputy Controller for Ingham County said,
"And this is a renewal scheduled for the August primary election. Basically this is one of the major funding sources for funding the 911 operations in Ingham County."

The millage renewal is for .8500 mills and is estimated to generate about 5.5 million in 2013.

If the millage is not renewed, the 911 Services wil still be provided, but the cost will be divided among all local governments in Ingham County and will be charged to their general fund.

The millage has been in effect since 1996 and it has passed every time.

Look for this renewal on the ballot this August.

ORIGINAL STORY: INGHAM COUNTY - HOMTV's first Ballot Meridian debate discusses the 911 Service Millage Renewal. Tune in to find out how much of your money goes towards this service.

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