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A Property Tax Bill Sent to Senate Regarding Foreclosures

A property tax bill is headed to the Senate and could hurt school systems in Michigan. The proposed ...[More]

$600,000 Refund Due to Sparrow's Michigan Athletic Club, Result of Property Tax Settlement

Sparrow Development, Inc. filed a property tax appeal against Meridian Township in 2011 for its Mich...[More]

Smoke-Free Elderly Property

An elderly apartment in Haslett goes completely smoke-free. ...[More]

Personal Property Tax

Members of the House Tax Policy Committee voted to pass the Personal Property Tax reform which is sa...[More]

Foreclosed Property

Watch Meridian Magazine to find out whats to come with the foreclosed property acquisition. ...[More]

Personal Property Tax

Ever worried about what new legislation will do to Meridian Township? Watch Meridian Magazine to rel...[More]

Commercial Property Re-Investment

2012 is bringing some major changes to four of Meridian Township's major businesses. Meijer, Kroger,...[More]

Property Values Declining

With property values on the decline state-wide Meridian Township looks to see how this will affect t...[More]

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