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Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Across the United States, gas prices are up an average of 15 cents since last week, according to NBC...[More]

High Gas Prices

Wood's Okemos Marathon Owner and Operator John Wood gives tips on how to make gas last longer on Mer...[More]

Gas Leak on Marsh Road

Marsh Road between Hamilton and Grand River Avenue are closed due to a gas leak. The Meridian Townsh...[More]

Haslett Marathon Honors Customers With Cheap Gas And More

A year after Haslett Marathon had to deal with their canopy collapsing over their gas pumps, they ce...[More]

Michigan Gas Prices Soar

Forget pain at the pump. Gas prices right now is more like torture. According to AAA, Michigan r...[More]

Rising Gas Prices

Over the past few weeks, gas prices have climbed more 40 cents a gallon. Its an issue that has many ...[More]

Gas Station Permit

A new gas station permit will eliminate the need for a special use permit for fuel reader boards at...[More]

Technology Improving Gas Station Signs

The Planning Commission made a decision changing the way gas station signs are updated. Watch Meridi...[More]

Gas Prices & Local Tourism

Tune in to Meridian Magazine on Monday July 11th for a look at how gas prices are affecting tourism ...[More]

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