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New Report Reveals Texting and Driving Numbers Have Doubled

Multitasking while driving has always been a issue since the invention of the wheel but the recent r...[More]

Driving with Potholes

As a result of the cold winter months, there seems to be a growing amount of potholes on the roads. ...[More]

Safe Rides: Not Drinking & Driving

In the state of Michigan alone, there are more than 10,000 alcohol related crashes that take place w...[More]

Avoid Driving Your Way Into Trouble

Roughly $5,000 in fines and 93 days in jail all for drunk driving one time. Is it really worth it? ...[More]

Did you forget something? No texting while driving!

The minimal amount of time your attention is taken away from the road when you're teeing and driving...[More]

Winter Driving/Emergency Car Kit

During the winter months, roads can become very slippery from snow and ice, and you never know when ...[More]

4th of July Drunk Driving Results

Learn how police are cracking down against drunk drivers. The next Beyond the Badge has how many dr...[More]

Driving While Tired

Driving while tired can be just as bad as drunk driving. Watch Meridian Magazine and Beyond the Badg...[More]

Texting vs. Drunk Driving

Is texting while driving worse than drunk driving? Look to Meridian Magazine for the details....[More]

Super Drunk Driving Amendment's

Spoke with State Representative Kurt Heise about amendments to Michigan's "Super Drunk Driving" law....[More]

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