Avoid Driving Your Way Into Trouble

Avoid Driving Your Way Into Trouble

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Roughly $5,000 in fines and 93 days in jail all for drunk driving one time. Is it really worth it?

With Prom Season, March Madness and St. Patty's Day all approaching, more and more people will be put in the position to either drink and drive, or find a safe ride home.

Officer Robert Juhrs of the Meridian Township Police Department said, "The safest way to get home is to have a sober driver, so that's someone that has nothing to drink. If you go out with a group of four people and you choose the person that had the least to drink, that's not a designated driver. That is a less drunk driver."

Ofiicer Juhrs said another option is to set money aside and simply call a taxi.

If you don't choose either of these options and instead, make the poor decision to drink and drive, officers like Juhrs will be looking for you.

Officer Juhrs said, "Swerving, you can't stay in one lane and cross the center line. Someone who has varying speed, so they go from putzing along 20 below the speed limit to 10 over the speed limit, so their speed changes often. They may use a turn signal for the wrong direction."

If officers suspect that a driver is under the influence, they will pull them over and have them perform a sobriety test.

Drink and driving could cost thousands of dollars in fines, but according to Officer Juhrs, it could cost more than that. It could cost a life.

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