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Mason Mashes Haslett on the Mats Wednesday Night

Wednesday night was really no competition when powerhouse Mason came into town to face a Haslett tea...[More]

Flashing Beacons Were Recently Installed To Improve Safety on Kinawa Drive

A new safety feature has been added at the crosswalk near the Chippewa Middle School on Kinawa Drive...[More]

Okemos Water Polo Splashes to Strong Start, But Stalls in Second Half Against Rockford at States

AP's No. 4 Okemos gave up the first goal of Friday night to No. 1 Rockford but quickly answered with...[More]

U of M and MSU Fans Trash Talk on Game Day

The biggest game in the state became, arguably, the biggest game in the nation when ESPN's College G...[More]

Haslett Hosts Country Meet, Top Runners Flash Record Runs

Haslett cross country hosted the C.A.A.C. Red Jamboree #2 Tuesday night. Top runners for Haslett, P...[More]

STOPPED Decreases Teen Crashes

According to Centers Of Disease Control and Prevention in 2011 more than 2,000 teens were killed in ...[More]

Dogs off Leashes Cause Issues in Meridian Township Parks

Currently, dogs are allowed in all Meridian Township parks. However, sources say there is a grow...[More]

Washing Vehicles with Responsibility

The popular image that tends to come to mind when people think of washing their vehicle seems to be ...[More]

Deer Car Related Crashes Increase During the Months of October and November

October in Meridian Township means many things, including an increase in deer movement. Drivers ...[More]

Dashboard Cookie Experiment; Dangers of Extreme Heat in Cars

Temperatures are rising in this steamy summer, and although hot temperatures can be enjoyable, they ...[More]

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