Police Discuss Motorcycle Safety

Police Discuss Motorcycle Safety

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With temperatures warming up across Mid-Michigan more motorcyclists are on the roadways.

One way drivers can make the road safer for motorcycles is to make sure they are checking their blind spots and paying attention to their surroundings.

Motorcycles can also make the roadways safer by following the speed limit and paying close attention before pulling out of driveways.

"Motorcyclists need to know that if they want to be safe they need to travel at the same pace as the rest of the motoring public or traffic that they're in so as not to cause a hazard because the erratic movements can startle people or maybe cause them to cause some sort of hazard and we don't want injury to occur at that point," said Ken Plaga, the Assistant Police Chief in Meridian Township.

Officials also say that motorcycles should not drive faster on their bike than they would if they were driving a car.


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