Township Board Discusses Jo Don Drive Property Rezone

Township Board Discusses Jo Don Drive Property Rezone

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MI - On Tuesday, July 20, a request to rezone a 0.42 acre parcel at 5114 Jo Don Drive from RC, Multiple Family Residential (maximum 14 dwelling units per acre) to RCC, Multiple Family Residential (maximum 34 dwelling units per acre) was discussed.

The existing building at 5114 Jo Don Drive is not in compliance with current ordinances.

A vacant residential lot sits to the north of the existing building, and is attached to the property. The vacant lot is close in size to other properties on the street.

Owners of the property approached the director looking to rezone the 0.42 acre parcel and build a new single-family home. The Township Board was informed there are no plans to expand or add any multi-family use buildings.

“The proposal would rezone the whole property to a higher density multi-family residential district to get further in compliance with the ordinance,” said Planning Director Tim Schmitt. “They have offered, as a condition to alleviate some of the concerns, to come back and downzone the property to the north to be consistent with the surrounding residential uses."

Under these conditions, Schmitt says it will be required for the owners to submit a request to downzone the north property within 30 days.

The Township Board supported the request under these conditions. Further discussion will take place at the next Township Board meeting on August 3.

To watch the full July 20 Township Board meeting click the link below.

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