Land Donation at W. Sleepy Hollow Lane Approved

Land Donation at W. Sleepy Hollow Lane Approved

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the Meridian Township Planning Commission meeting on Feb. 11, the Commission reviewed land that was donated on W. Sleepy Hollow Land.

The land backs up to Brattin Woods Park and has potential wetlands on the property. Unlike like the surrounding properties in the neighborhood, this area has no development. The current owners live across the street and originally bought the property to have peace and quiet around their home.

The property was first brought to the Land Preservation Program as an application. The Land Advisory Board and the Parks Commission worked together to decide a use for the land.

A representative of the Park Commission visited the land and spoke about its composition at the meeting. "It has mature trees," she said. "On my visit I saw several Raptors and birds of prey. I saw signs of a lot of deer. So, it is a very nice nature parcel."

The application was brought to the Planning Commission due to the fact the land could serve as a pedestrian pathway to Brattin Woods Park and Newton Road Park. A phase one environmental assessment was done by a contractor who deemed the property of having no issues.

A review of location, character and extent by the Planning Commission is needed for any construction purpose of parks, open space and other public facilities.
A motion to adopt the commission review was entertained at the recent Planning Commission meeting.

The Commission unanimously voted to adopt the Commission Review.

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