Leslie Charles - Inspiring Aces

Leslie Charles - Inspiring Aces

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Leslie Charles is an author and motivational speaker. She has written seven books, including "Why is Everyone so Cranky?" and "Stick to It!", and is currently working on her eighth book.

Her inspirational and business speeches focus on cultivating a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Leslie stresses the balance between work and play, emphasizing that it's important to just have fun sometimes. And that is exactly what disc golf is for her.

Leslie indulges that her disc golf career is not always "aces", sometimes a disc might end up in a tricky spot, and that's why she says that self-encouragement is everything. This self-encouragement and motivation has helped Leslie achieve what she claims are her two big accomplishments, along with her taking first in a women's disc golf championship.

In the end, Leslie says, "it all has to do with the mind. Be as compassionate and kind with yourself, as you are with everyone else."

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