Fire Department Training at St. Martha's Parish

Fire Department Training at St. Martha's Parish

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Tuesday, September 25th, the Meridian Township Fire Department hosted a fire safety demonstration at St. Martha’s Catholic School.

A group of students between the ages of 6 to 9 listened to Meridian Township Fire Chief Mike Hamel about fire safety.

“What we trying to do today is to show the kids what to do when you catch a fire - so you stop, drop and roll," Chief Hamel said.

Chief Hamel explained how to prevent fire and show the students how to react when facing an emergency situation. Moreover, during the demo, two firefighters demonstrated the gear that would be used and show each part of the firefighter’s uniform to the students.

“Some kids get scare of the firefighter. So the more we can let them touch the firefighter and hear what they sound like, it is not so scary in the middle of the night or during the day if they trapped in their house.”

October is National Fire Prevention Month and National Fire Prevention Week is October 7th-13th. The Meridian Township Fire Department is hosting a Fire Prevention Open House on October 13th.

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