Lansing 5:01 Hosts Final Event of the Summer

Lansing 5:01 Hosts Final Event of the Summer

GRAND LEDGE - Lansing 5:01 held its final event of the summer. This event was moved from the end of July due to severe weather, to August 11th.

The 5:01K event took place on the island park, the ledges, and Fitzgerald park in Grand Ledge.

People who came out for the day could enjoy different healthy living lifestyle choices for free such as salsa dancing, kayaking, disc golf, yoga, and other outdoor yard games. There were also booths set up around the island, promoting local healthy living businesses.

This was the first weekend event that Lansing 5:01 has hosted so far, however, the company is no stranger to the surrounding mid Michigan cities.

"Lansing 5:01 is a non profit organization," explains executive director Chris Sell. "We're kind of a social start up. We got out start a couple years ago and we are comprised of a group of young professionals who are really passionate about their community, most of which are volunteering their time, nights or weekends, to put on programming that connects young people, college students, and interns, young professionals to all of the emerging quality of life aspects of downtown Lansing and also the greater Lansing region."

Lansing 5:01's main goal is to promote the scenic, artistic, and key parts of the Lansing community, to young people who may be looking for a city to work in.

"The more young people who experience a place like this, we think the better likely hood that more young people will be thinking 'Wow Lansing's really a great place. I really should consider living and working here after graduation' and that's really our whole intent," Sell explains.

With a successful turnout at all of their events including the Lansing 5:01K event this summer, the company has decided to extend their events throughout the rest of the year for new students coming to the area.

Chris Sell explains a couple of the next events for Lansing 5:01 this fall. "We're going to be involved with the down town student welcome happening later in September at Lansing Brewing Company. That's for any student in the region that, maybe, is new to the area or they're just back in town for the fall semester. It's our chance to kind of welcome them to downtown Lansing. We're also going to be doing something called the Capital Comeback in November the night before Thanksgiving."

If you are interested in learning more about Lansing 5:01 or any of their upcoming events this fall, you can visit their website at

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