Planning Commission Discusses New Panera

Planning Commission Discusses New Panera

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Planning Commission met on June 11. Among the items the commission discussed was the construction of a new Panera Breas restaurant and drive-through on 2080 Grand River Avenue, in Okemos.

The site was formerly home to a Mongolian BBQ & Grill, which would be demolished to construct the Panera.

Because the proposed site is in a floodplain, Panera needs a special use permit from the Planning Commission. A special use permit is also required for the approval of a drive-through pickup window.

In addition to concerns of flooding, members of the Planning Commission also had questions about the proposed restaurant's distance from the road and traffic on Grand River Avenue. The Commission reviewed a concept plan for the project in January, and will continue to discuss the possibility of a special use permit.

In a non-binding poll, eight of the nine Planning Commission members showed tentative support for the granting of a special use permit and building of a new Panera.

Other items discussed at the meeting include the building of a seven-unit family-dwelling on Saginaw Highway, and an eighty-eight unit apartment building on Northwind Drive.
The next meeting of the Planning Commission is on June 25.

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