Township Community Services Millage Up for Renewal

Township Community Services Millage Up for Renewal

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On March 15, the Meridian Township Board discussed the ballot language for the upcoming Community Service Millage renewal on the August 2, 2022 ballot.

Assistant Township Manager Dan Opsommer gave a presentation on the history of the millage, which was first passed in 2002 at .1 mill. The original ballot proposal sought to provide funding for recreation, senior center, and human services. The 10-year millage expired in 2012, but was voted on again in 2012 when the Township Board sought to increase the mill from .1 to .15. Meridian residents voted in approval of the proposal.

Then on December 31, 2021, the current levy expired and must be reauthorized for 2022. Manager Frank Walsh asked Parks & Recreation Director LuAnn Maisner, Human Services Coordinator Darla Jackson, and Senior Center Coordinator Cherie Wisdom to meet and determine the current funding and what they may need in the future. They agreed to recommend renewal of the Community Services Millage on the August 2 ballot.

Township Treasurer Phil Deschaine stated, "This is a millage that provides a great deal of value for our residents. The Senior Center program, which is open to all residents in Meridian Township. The Parks and Recreation portion of it, and we all know our parks are being used at record numbers because of COVID."

Township Clerk Deborah Guthrie agreed with Deschaine’s point. Guthrie elaborated on how Darla Jackson and the Meridian Cares program has helped members of her family and the residents of the Township.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the ballot language.

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