Harmony Brigade Performs In Okemos

Harmony Brigade Performs In Okemos

OKEMOS - The Harmony Brigade, an all men singing group, performed in Okemos on Saturday evening. The group is part of the extreme quarteting movement which takes the four-part harmony style of a barbershop quartet and applies it to a larger group.

Approximately 70 men and boys performed 11 songs together. Members range from grade school age to senior citizens.

Each member learns the songs on their own at home. They come together the day of the performance and practice for only a few hours before going on stage. With talent to spare, these seasoned performers sound like they have been practicing as a group for months.

The group performed a wide variety of favorites including Disney classic "The Bare Necessities" from The Jungle Book. Some of the songs even had choreographed dance moves.

Not only has this been an opportunity for these men to celebrate their passion for music, but many have become close friends.

"It's really a brotherhood of people that you establish when coming to the Harmony Brigade and just participating in barbershop singing," said Rob Halsey the Harmony Brigade music and performance vice president. 

The group says to expect to see them perform in the area again next summer.

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