Disc Golf Construction at Lake Lansing Park North

Disc Golf Construction at Lake Lansing Park North

LANSING - The Ingham County Parks Department had announced the construction of a new disc golf course coming to Lake Lansing Park North this fall.

This new disc golf course will replace the existing playground near the main shelter as it became outdated and was deteriorating over the years.

Ingham County Parks Manager Coe Emens stated that they are planning to construct a new 6000 square foot playground in a more suitable location by the end of next year that will accommodate all children between the ages of 2-5 years and 5-12 years in each section of the new playground.

This course is going to be open for all age groups/skill levels and will be available all year round, but will require a small vehicle fee for the parking spot and an additional fee for the course itself.

Emens also said, “We did hire somebody from the Professional Disc Golf Association down in Georgia, and he served as the instrumental guy behind this project, and we thought it was a great idea and great use of the space.”

The Ingham County Parks Department is looking to upgrade a 1.4 -mile section of their main trails north to be ADA accessible and upgrade the previous exiting boardwalks in the near future.

This year they are planning to construct a maintenance building. They also have purchased an invasive aquatic species vacuum system to assist in the removal of invasive species latching on residents’ boats when moving between different lakes.


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