Meridian Township Celebrates National Senior Health And Fitness Day

Meridian Township Celebrates National Senior Health And Fitness Day

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Wednesday, May 30th National Senior Health and Fitness Day was celebrated by residents in the Meridian Township area. The event was held at Wonch Park and included a variety of activities for seniors to participate in from 11am-1pm.

The event has been hosted in Wonch Park due to its quality. It provides outdoor fitness equipment where seniors can perform physical activity as well as socialize.

"This is a way for seniors in the community to get out and get active and then meet different businesses in town that offer a variety of active options for them," said Darcie Weigand, Parks and Recreation Specialist for Meridian Township.

This is Meridian Township's second year hosting the annual Senior Health and Fitness Day event and this year it was sponsored by MSUFCU. The event consisted of food, music, outdoor activities, dancing, massages, giveaways and more.

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