New Safety Concern at the Jolly/Okemos Intersection

New Safety Concern at the Jolly/Okemos Intersection

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The issues that arise with construction aren't the only problem occurring at the intersection of Jolly and Okemos Roads.

Turning at the intersection is currently prohibited and detours are in place for that reason.

Drivers, on the other hand, are still finding ways around it.

The Meridian Township Police Department said they have been receiving calls about people using parking lots to avoid the intersection, which poses risks.

"There's a lot of concern about the safety of the patrons that are going to the businesses thereĀ and cars coming through at higher speeds and obviously not stopping for business, but driving through the parking lots at higher rates of speed," Captain Greg Frenger said.

There are also laws that prohibit using private driveways, like parking lots, to avoid traffic.

Captain Frenger said that people are underestimating the intersection, and then when they get there and see how bad it is, they are getting mad and finding alternative routes.

He said the best thing you can do is avoid that intersection if possible and follow the detours.

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